сабота, 02 април 2011

Eclipse XUL 2.0 workaround

In the recent Firefox 4 update the XUI library was upgraded to 2.0, so now Eclipse must use it too.
Alas for some reason it makes Eclipse 3.6.2-1 crash when trying to render a tooltip.

Please, don't try to downgrade the XUl version yet, instead use the following workaround:
Append this:
to your eclipse.ini configuration file, at the bottom.

Afterwords just install the webkit package:
for Linux:
install webkit;
for window$ it's more complicated :S (as expected), guide.

For more info of the bug, visit the bug page.

Now just restart Eclipse ;) !

happy coding
:) !!!.


Well, how do I start it :D, I've no comments :).

  • It's fast.
  • Easy to use.
  • Light.
  • Extendable.
Positive side:
  • Native Tab Grouping.
  • Native tab pinning.
  • Fast and light UI.
  • The coolest alert dialog ever :).
    Each dialog belongs to it's tab, no more modal dialogs, yea fuck you spammers !!!
Negative side:
  • Intestinally left blank ....