вторник, 14 декември 2010

The man's greed

Why can't people earn how much they need, why do they want more and more money, especially book authors, how come they don't release their books after X copies sold, for what purpose are the extra money :S.

If you a rich man you will have the power to do lots of stuff, and you will experience the life in a second, because if you open all the doors, then life will have no meaning anymore, leading to sorrow, overdosing, and sometimes suicide.

On the other hand a poor man is restricted to certain level of power and slowly progresses life, it will experience life to the fullest, and it will be happy man.

So ones a man grabs on the greed, there is no return, there is only one cure for greediness, to share the wealth with others, no man has to be more powerful the other, we should all be equal.

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