сабота, 20 декември 2008

Why using GMAIL instead of yahoo / live

Well, one day you log into your account to write an email in your native language to your friends.

When your friends open the email, they will see some garbage letters and ads two miles long.

In GMAIL, you simply write an email with two letters, the receiver will get two letters, no ads :).

Have you got some strange emails from some uncle you haven't heard about, or from some multimillionaire who is willing to pay you a large amount of money, but you must pay taxes of 100 $ or so ]:).

These stuffs are called scams, and they are allowed only on Yahoo and Live (MSN).

Yes, I have found spams emails in my GMAIL box too, but when ? - Ones a month, perhaps.

I can't open my msn account email, the Browser with flood from the emails.

Guess I have too much multimillionaire relatives and lots of almost dieing grandmothers, and rabbits luck on lottery :D.

2 коментари:

Miladinoski рече...

Well actually Y! Mail has removed the tagline from the footer of every sent mail in August I think ;)

That doesn't make it better than Gmail, but just sayin' :)

gnu_d рече...

Ok, ok, maybe Y!Mail removed it, but MSN still has got mile long ads ]:).